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  • lots better than utter guys
  • -Tony Palzoni-

  • bronze age prices!
  • -Gunther Unger-

  • They actually answer the phone
  • -liz woodfield-

  • I got curb appeal now!
  • barbra pizanotti

employee of the month

Bob "straight cut" Binnsworth


Kawasaki FH580 died August the 24th, 2019. A nice luncheon followed the funeral. May it rest in peace.

Stihl weed whacker died September the 5th, 2019. Fell off trailor somewhere around Fort and King.

Craftsman dual stage snow blower blew up November the 11th, 2019. It was only 4 years old.

Commercial services

We offer a full range of commercial services for all seasons.

  • Lawn care
  • Landscape design
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Salt application
  • Topiary
  • Yearly contracts
  • All season care packages
  • Sales and service

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Message from the owner

We pride ourselves on quality, timeliness, consistency and professionalism. We don't just cut lawns, we manicure them. We don't just throw a landscape together and hope for the best. We design and install by experience.

Seed & Sod

Considering a new lawn? Wondering which way to go? Seed or Sod? Well seed produces the most natural and healthiest lawns. Of course one of the Cons is it takes awhile to fill in.Could take a season or two to produce a thick lawn. Sod on the other hand produces for the most part, immediate results. After a month or so from a distance, you can't tell that a new lawn has been installed.

Residential snow removal

Don't want to go out in the cold to remove snow? Tired of waiting up to watch the latest weather report? Maybe it's time for Grandma or Grandpa to stop doing the snow. Well, we are here to help and take oveer those duties in a timely fashion. We offer every type of snow removal services to meet your needs.

Topiary Services

Sometimes you don't need a new landscape. Often enough, some trimming, shaping and pruning is all that is needed.